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Squamish, BC



Amanda and Emma have been creating together in the kitchen since 2011.

It was in their experimental approach to cooking that they discovered how healthful foods can delight ALL the senses. Beyond being oh-so-delicious, natural whole foods eaten in the right combination and at the right times can nurture the body and elevate the mind and soul. This revelation led to the birth of Wildhearts. 


Wildhearts stands for a passion for high-vibrational foods.


The company started as a catering service to provide plant-based feasts for private dinners and small-scale events. Through their first year, Amanda and Emma realized the power of a show-stopping dessert. There is magic in celebrating with just the right sweet note. Inspired by the joy they were able to share with their clients, Amanda and Emma decided to push their creative boundaries with their cakes. Amanda and Emma, with their wild hearts, hold the creative passion and love that power their culinary creations.